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I love it when things like this happen, best characterized by the phrase “open rebellion against God’s law.

It does not get much better than that.  An elected official shuts down another elected official by invoking “God’s law.”  You may as well invoke a piece of Swiss cheese or your favorite arbitrary being/object as far as good government is concerned.

I love it because it shows the unambiguous intractability of right wing extremism in public life.  This post does too, but uses a lot more words.

Back in college, a friend and I noticed that there was a certain type of freshman student who would, when teamed up with like-minded small minds, bully the lunch staff.  It was small, minor bullying, but completely out of line regardless.  My friend and I would say “if I was in charge, I’d go up to those guys and say, ‘Sorry, but you have to go home now.  Come back next year and try again.'”

You, Senator Metcalfe, need to go home now.  Come back  once you’ve figured out the difference between public and private life and are ready to try the elected office thing again.